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Are you looking for a concrete contractor in Mckinney? If yes, the company to consider is Design Concrete. We have been providing our customers with an outstanding concrete service since 2000. Our services are backed by an unwavering passion for our job, a large network of experts and the desire to excel at what we do. Our prices are incredibly low for the high quality but speedy service we provide.

Concrete is the solid foundation of all structures in our modern world.

A concrete job involves several stages. Firstly, the concrete solution is mixed. Secondly, it is spread evenly. After that, the concrete solution is compacted for solid drying. Finally, the structure is finished for use. Concrete work is carried out with the help of specialized equipment like troweling machinery, hand tools and others. It takes physical strength and expertise to complete a concrete project successfully.

As a professional concrete contractor, Design Concrete has all the resources necessary to deliver high quality results. We are able to provide our Mckinney customers with high quality concrete service, because our workers are skilled as well as knowledgeable. They are also properly equipped. For faster operations and top results, you should turn to us. We are very good at planning and preparation, factors which are vital for any effective service.

Whether you need concrete slabs for your backyard or sidewalk, or you have a large project to be completed, we can produce the most satisfying concrete solution. We are extremely successful, because we build robust and secure wooden forms to retain and shape the damped concrete while it cures. We also charge the least expensive rates, without compromising the quality of workmanship and materials provided. We put an emphasis on the safety of both our clients and our workers. We are very careful with every procedure and move we make. We strictly observe the precautionary measures and protocols that have been established by the authorities.

Different types of concrete projects exist. As a concrete designer, Design Concrete specializes in decorative concrete. We are a leading Mckinney provider of stamped concrete services. This is a type of technique, with which concrete can achieve the look of real brick, slate, stone or tile, at a lower cost.

Decorative concrete stands up to pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and, at the same time, offers superior aesthetic value. It is perfect for walkways, sidewalks, driveways, etc. In most cases, prior excavation is not required. Our company only uses durable and environmentally friendly materials. Decorative concrete can also be used for creating floors in your home. It can be a wonderful addition to any decor and is easy to maintain. Besides being able to withstand heavy traffic, such floors are very beautiful.visit today!

Design Concrete

As a concrete designer, we can also install anti-slip concrete finishes around your pool decks. These provide the finest sealer protection and are weather proof as well as resistant to pool chemicals and this website here!

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We are ready to accommodate the diverse needs of all of our customers. We are flexible and versatile enough to meet different requirements. Be it stamped concrete or some other type of concrete job, we can complete any project to your satisfaction.