Traditional Flooring in Australia

Why Choose Polished Concrete Vs Conventional Concrete And/Or Traditional Flooring in Australia

If you’re looking to lay a concrete driveway in Melbourne, or even to install concrete floors in your home, you may be wondering what makes this form of decorative driveway different from other, more traditional forms of flooring in Australia. Here’s the low-down on decorative concrete drives and floors.

Why decorative concrete anyway?

Concrete and cement floors are, of course, as tough as nails. Historically they haven’t been particularly attractive, however. That has changed. Between polished concrete, exposed aggregate and other forms of decorative concrete like stamping, there are a host of pretty, durable solutions for driveways and flooring in Australia. If you’re not sure why this great floor choice is becoming so popular so fast, we’re here to fill you in on the great advantages of stamped concrete floors and polished concrete floors for the Australian market and climate.see their website today!

The benefits of polished concrete floors.

In Australia’s hot climate, decorative concrete floors are cool. Polished concrete floors, more-soever, will never get too cold. They maintain temperature well, meaning that you needn’t fear that winter will be intolerable while providing cool summer temperatures. A polished concrete floor also bypasses all the issues that unpolished concrete floors give- namely the ability to hold every scrap of dirt ever. They’re easy to keep clean and can simply be mopped down every now and again. They also are almost totally water and liquid repellent. No need to worry about that red wine stain with decorative concrete! This also makes them naturally scuff resistant and great for high traffic areas.

As floor coverings go, decorative concrete floors and driveways in Melbourne are pretty cost effective, too. They aren’t the cheapest outdoor option, although their ease of upkeep and durability means that they soon become cost effective. When used indoors, it becomes cost effective almost straight away, as it can be far cheaper then traditional carpeting and even some kinds of tiling. As you can also install decorative concrete driveways to suit almost any taste and budget, there’s little wonder their popularity is increasing daily.

Can you customise a concrete floor or driveway?

There’s a ton of customisation options for concrete floors, too, unlike non polished floors. They can be easily stained, or you can choose to incorporate a logo into the design you use. Or settle for stencilling or bordering the floor, or opt for a full mock-granite effect. Whatever you fancy, you can achieve it with decorative concrete.

Traditional Flooring in Australia

Considerations for decorative concrete.

Remember to have the professional who polishes your floor to add a non-slip additive to the surface. That’s going to be especially important if you are running a business or have young children. Remember that they are fairly efficient floors, too, as the reflective properties they posses will help cut don on your energy bill and give rooms a bright, sunny appearance.

When you consider the large range of customisation options and the ease of installation, it’s clear why polished concrete floors are fast becoming the go to choice for home-owners and designers alike throughout Australia.

Polished Concrete Floors

3 Health Benefits of Polished Concrete Floors in Australia

Decorative concrete is all the rage in design at the moment. From polished concrete to exposed aggregate, there’s a huge range of options open to make your home and garden look slick, professional and stylish. But did you know there’s health benefits to using a polished concrete floor too?learn more here!

Why would I want a polished concrete floor?

Polishing is one of the easiest ways to rehabilitate and existing concrete floor. It’s no longer something you would find in a basement of factory floor, but a design feature you will long to draw your guest’s attention too. It’s even pretty cost effective to install. It can be sealed and stained to suit a wide variety of tastes, as well as stencilled, bordered and otherwise customised to sit your exact needs and taste. It’s even possible to put a logo on a polished concrete floor, making it perfect for businesses.

What other advantages and health benefits do polished concrete floors have?

Polished concrete has three main health advantages which make it a great choice:

• It’s sustainable
• It’s easy to keep clean and hygienic
• It’s dust and particle free (

The environmental sustainability of decorative concrete.

Polished concrete floors are environmentally sustainable. Sealed concrete provides almost no environmental impact. You’re simply sealing your existing concrete slap, and are freed from the need to install further flooring. The compounds used in the sanding process are low in volatility and so do not pollute the environment as do other options. This also means that they will increase the indoor air quality. Being easy to maintain means that they also do not use a ton of chemicals in the post-installation process. As it’s a very temperature stable surface, it ill also contribute to reducing heating and cooling bills, making your household more energy efficient.

Clean and Hygienic.

Polished concrete floors do not have extensive maintenance needs. They can be sealed regularly- again, the chemicals used for this process are low in volatility and dissipate quickly with little environmental impact. It’s simple to clean afterwards, too, as a simple mopping every now and again will do it. No need for fancy treatments and hazardous chemicals.

Dust and particle free.

Polished Concrete Floors

Dust and house mites can exacerbate and cause a number of breathing issues. Allergies to your home can be one of the worst ways to have to try to live. Polished concrete, however, is almost particle free. Unlike the fibres of carpet and the crevices of tiles and wood boards, there’s nothing to hold and accumulate grit, dust of mites. It’s a great way to create an environment to discourage allergies and their symptoms. Concrete also doesn’t trap moisture in under layers like carpeting felt and tiled or vinyl floors. Not only does this prevent warping and unsightly damage, but it will decrease the possibility of encountering mould and make for a happy, healthy environment.

If you’re looking for an eco option for flooring that’s simple to keep up, environmentally sustainable and has health benefits, look no further then polished concrete.