concrete driveway in Melbourne

Exposed Aggregate – Why Is it So Popular in Australia?

Whether it be polished concrete, exposed aggregate or simple decorative concrete, concrete driveways in Melbourne are becoming increasingly popular. And of them all, it’s aggregate concrete that seems the most popular of all. So why is it that this trend is gaining foot in Australia?continue reading..

Factors that will influence your choice.

Remember that many factors will have an effect on the driveway material you choose. These can include the look, the climate, the upkeep needed and the cost to the end user. Concrete driveways will, of course, need time to cure, and like asphalt driveways will need to have a well compacted gravel layer as their base. They differ from asphalt in a critical way, however- the adhesive in asphalt is tar, and it’s cement in concrete. This is what leads to their separate properties.

And lets face it, if you’ve ever seen a decorative concrete driveway, it looks a whole lot better then your average tarmac driveway. There are some who like the look of the tarmac on the road extending into their property, but it’s not much of a design statement. Concrete driveways in Melbourne are also easy to work with. Decorative concrete techniques like polishing, exposed aggregate and stamping make for a stunning, personalized look that’s easy to adapt to your preferences.

You have a large choice of decorative concrete finishes, too. Exposed aggregate is one of the most popular, of course. In exposed aggregate, the interior stones and other aggregate are deliberately weathered to show through the top layer. When enhanced with decorative stones or even glass particles for a shimmering effect, it provides a stunning backdrop for your car. It’s not the only choice for you, however, as there is a range of stunning effects from polished concrete to stamping in patterns that make it almost indistinguishable from brick.

Maintenance needs of decorative concrete.

Of course, the Australian climate is pretty harsh, too. Asphalt is not idea in a climate with such extremes of heat, as it can easily soften and melt, becoming tacky and sometimes warping. Asphalt isn’t that easy to maintain, either. Both types of driveway will need sealing, which will extend the lifetime of the driveway. Concrete can last, however, without sealing, unlike many other forms of driveway. Sealing is merely the best way to preserve the just-laid look and surface appeal. If you think you may be likely to stain the driveway after installation, it’s also a better news from

Other considerations

concrete driveway in Melbourne

A concrete driveway in Melbourne can work out pricier to lay at initial installation then many other types of driveway. However, ease of upkeep will make it a cost effective and affordable solution over the long run. Before you plan your driveway, do remember to consult your local building regulations. If you live in any kind of planned or gated community, you will particularly need to make sure that the body corporate’s regulations allow the driveway you plan to install. They may even regulate the type of material you can use!

Decorative concrete driveways in Melbourne provide a beautiful, robust and cost effective addition to any home.