Polished Concrete

Why Is Polished Concrete So Popular in Australia?

If you’ve picked up a design magazine recently, you’ve probably noticed that decorative concrete like polished concrete, exposed aggregate and stamped concrete are on the rise as a decorative trend in Australia. We’re looking at exactly why this is below.

Isn’t concrete flooring horrible?

In the past, concrete floors have had a terrible reputation. It’s seemed like a cheap, horrible and uncomfortable flooring solution, coupled with a difficulty to clean and a tendency to stain easily. Other forms of flooring, from granite to stone, have seemed much more appealing then plain cement. But those days are over. An offshoot of the rise of concrete driveways in Melbourne, decorative concrete flooring solutions open a whole new design vista.

Why polished concrete floors?

Of all the decorative concrete solutions available in Australia, polished concrete negates all the previous concerns about concrete flooring. Polished concrete grinds and polishes the concrete floor with diamond tips to make it not only dense and harder, but also considerably more easy to maintain. Concrete floors, whilst cool, have been too cold for winter weather, but polished concrete is considerably better at maintaining a consistent temperature that will keep you cool in summer without freezing you in winter.see the site:http://www.dezeen.com/2015/03/03/mihaly-slocombe-house-extension-timber-nursery-melbourne/

The terrible reputation of concrete for not only holding grime but actively shedding dust is also bypassed. Polished concrete floors are close to dust free and easy to clean- a simple moping when you have the time will do. Additionally, polished concrete doesn’t have to be soaked n dangerous chemicals, although getting the person who polishes if for you to use a non-slip coating will be beneficial both for your industry and your home if you have elderly or young residents. Additionally, they are pleasantly easy to maintain, and you will not need to spend every waking moment stressing about how to get the job done.

Can you customise a polished concrete floor?

There’s a reason that polished concrete has earned a place alongside more decorative concrete genres. It’s shiny and attractive, and additionally the reflective nature makes rooms appear brighter and more open. As an added benefit, you don’t have to install a new floor, but can refurbish and old and ugly one simply and with minimal hassles. There’s a huge range of ways to customise a concrete floor, too, from using a stain to installing stamping, stencilling and borders to add your unique touch to the design.

Polished Concrete

Can you polish a concrete floor yourself?

Whilst DIY polishers exist, it’s a job better undertaken by a specialist. That way you can ensure that you receive a consistent, lustrous depth across the entire surface. Polishing an existing concrete floor is already an incredibly economical solution, and it’s simply not worth the hassle and potential bad results to attempt to do this DIY. A good contractor will also be able to make the floor non-slip for you.see more info from http://www.designerpremix.com.au/.

Whether you’re rehabilitating an old and ugly concrete floor or installing a new one, decorative concrete solutions like polished concrete is a great way to get fabulous results simply and easily.