Pros and Cons of Stamping Concrete

Pros and Cons of Stamping Concrete 

Every time you think about doing a common floor it is important to make calculations and even when it comes to polished concrete prices may vary from place to place. There are advantages and cons that should be measured before anything is done. Prices are based only and solely on the ground of value and labor to put it, which we should face it, we are a very serious mistake, as we shall show.

Comparing common floors andcement decorative concrete

To calculate the real value of the common floor versus the cement decorative concrete, we must first calculate how much we will spend with the needed materials and workmanship to the subfloor, and only from then, we add the value of the floor mortar, manpower grout placing and finishing, which happens to cost as well.

Example: In an area of ​​100m2, a mason would charge at least $ 12.00 per square meter ( $ 1,200.00), more sand, stone and cement worth approximately $ 1,500.00. You can also visit our top articles here for more information here. After this we have the mortar of approximately $ 400.00. Plus a reasonable floor in the individual amount of $ 18.00 in a film of 110 square meters (including footnotes) that goes back over $ 1,980.00, still missing the grout ($ 100.00) and hand value of work around $ 35.00 per square meter ( $ 3,500.00).

In addition all these values, we will have a total of  $ 8,980.00, which divided by 100 square meters, would give us a total cost of $ 89.80 per square meter with a simple floor, but if you wantcement decorative concrete you will be able to spend less cash and most times get a result that will last for much longer and will look even prettier. You will definitely enjoy the results provided by concrete driveways Melbourne.

Pros and Cons of Stamping Concrete

Cost of cement decorative concrete

In the case of stamped concrete, the client provides only the sand, stone and cement would spend the subfloor, the vessel example above $ 1,500.00, and the concrete driveways melbourne comes to manpower, products, fibers, sealants, resins, etc., at an average cost of $ 42.00 per square meters, which would give a total of $ 4,200.00. When you need to know more you can visit this link: here. If you are able to research prices then you will be able to save even more cash.

Added values ​​will have a total of $ 5,700.00, ie a cost of R $ 57.00 per square meter.

The advantages ofconcrete driveways Melbourne with cement decorative concrete

Beyond economics (37% on average), the concrete driveways melbourne can make up to 250 square meters of stamped concrete a day, as time and site conditions, while a mason cannot put more than 50 square meters on without grout, etc.

In stamped concrete floor, you gain in beauty, durability, speed and especially in the savings at the end of the duties. The concrete driveways Melbourne is indeed able to provide high quality results that will indeed look nice and pretty. Contact a trusted worker and have great results quickly.

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